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As a wholesale supplier of data communication connectivity solutions, fiber optic cable, TFOCA solutions, network cables, fiber patch panels, MTP/MTO cassettes, and custom-designed cables, CablesPlus USA is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products, best customer service and lead times—all at prices you can afford.

From residential and small commercial applications, to large data centers or government applications, CablesPlus USA has got you covered for all your networking needs. And for a limited time we’re giving you 10% off so you can see for yourself. Just enter 10off4me in the coupon code when checking out.

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MTP® Solutions For Every Application

Chameleon Chassis

MTP® technology is the up-and-coming standard for fiber optic networks and CablesPlus USA has everything you need to get your network up and running. We offer MTP® Cassettes, MTP® Cable Assemblies, Rack mount Fiber Optic Patch Panels, Wall Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panels, MTP® Adapter Panels, and we’re very excited to offer High Density Fiber Optic Solutions with the Chameleon.

What exactly does a High Density Fiber Optic Solution mean? Highly adaptable for your network infrastructure, whether it be large or small, the Chameleon can patch a maximum of 1728 fibers in a single 4U Chassis. That’s 1440 more fibers than the leading competition! And higher Density doesn’t mean more clutter, the Chameleon utilizes today’s highest density 24 fiber patch cable on the market with an OD no larger than a traditional 3.0mm fiber patch cable.

MTP Cassette, 6 Duplex SC to 1 Male MTP, 62.5/125 (12-Fiber) MTP-MTP Assembly, 24 Strand Enterprise, 10 Gig 50 Micron, 25 Foot RAC-4X - Fiber Enclosure, Rack Mount, 12 Panel, 4U
List Price: $375.50 List Price: $456.06 List Price: $463.68
Our Price: $144.45 Our Price: $463.67 Our Price: $206.33

Need 1000’ of Bulk Cable? We’ve got you covered

We have Fiber Optic Cable, CAT5/CAT5A, CAT6/CAT6A, CAT3, Coaxial Cables, Speaker Cable, Security Cable, Bundled Cables – RG6 Quad & CAT5E, Cable Reels, and Make Your Own Cable Kits-- all that meet or exceed industry standards, and all at prices you don’t want to miss!

Fiber Optic Cable, 12-Strand, Singlemode, 8.3/125, Armored Distribution, Plenum Rated Flame-Retardant, 1,640' Fiber Optic Cable, 12-Strand, Multimode, 50/125 Standard, Aerial, SS Figure 8 Outside Plant (OSP), Polyethylene (PE) Jacket, 1,640' Fiber Optic Cable, 12-Strand, Multimode, 50/125 Standard, Indoor/Outdoor Distribution, Riser Rated, 1,640'
List Price: $4,826.98 List Price: $2,685.83 List Price: $2,062.38
Our Price: $3,620.23 Our Price: $2,014.37 Our Price: $1,546.79

Get Exactly What You Need With Custom Cables

By providing custom fiber optic cables, custom copper cables, and custom security network cables, CablesPlus has built a reputation as a leading supplier of high integrity cable assemblies. We continue to build on that reputation by providing our customers with cable assemblies engineered with the finest quality components, manufactured with precision workmanship, and backed up with the best customer service in the industry.

The Best Fiber Optic Cables, Tools & Supplies

We offer the largest variety of Fiber Optic Patch Cables, Fiber Optic Took Kits and Splice Trays, Fiber Optic Testers, Fiber Optic Connectors and Couplers, Fiber Optic patch Panels, Fiber Optic Media Converters, Fiber Switches, Fiber NIC, and Military Tactical Fiber solutions at prices you don’t want to miss.

Fiber Patch Cable, Duplex, LC-LC, UPC, Singlemode 9/125 Micron Fiber, 1.8mm OFNR Rated Yellow Jacket, 5 Meter Fiber Optics Tool Kit 3000-SSTA Aluminum 24 Single Fiber Splice Tray
List Price: $34.08 List Price: $233.33 List Price: $54.60
Our Price: $16.95 Our Price: $195.00 Our Price: $27.30

High Quality Server Cabinets & Racks

For the highest quality Server Cabinets, Wall Mount Cabinets and Racks, LAN Stations, Relay Racks, Rack Mount Displays, Hinged Wall Mount Brackets, Video Displays and Audio Equipment Mounting Systems, and Accessories, with options to fit every application, you need CablesPlus. We’ve got everything to make the installation and maintenance of your workstations a breeze, right down to the Rack Screws and Cage Nuts.

Chassis Plans Rackmount TFT/LCD - CPR-117 - 17IN Swivel 48" Performance Work Bench W/Full Bottom Shelf 10-32 Cage Nuts (100)
List Price: $2,106.00 List Price: $810.00 List Price: $24.30
Our Price: $1,944.00 Our Price: $756.00 Our Price: $22.68

Easy to Use Testers & Tools for Your Network

You’ve heard it before, use the right tool for the right job, and when it comes to developing and maintaining today’s networks--that statement is more critical than ever. Whether you need Fiber Optic Testers, Cable Certifiers, CAT5/CAT66 UTP and Coax Testers, Tone Generators and Probes, Butt Sets, Test Kits, Wireless and Universal Cable Testers, Test-Um Test Accessories, Installation Tools, Hand Tools, or Fiber Optic Tool Kits and Splice trays, we’ve got the tools you need to make your job a whole lot easier.

WaveTester optical power meter Test-Um 48IN Cable assembly, banana plug to test probes Kevlar Cutting Scissors
List Price: $450.00 List Price: $4.95 List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $364.50 Our Price: $3.96 Our Price: $20.00

The Latest Innovations in Security Products

Need a new camera or lens for your security network? Closed circuit video installation, maintenance and monitoring products from CablesPlus offer the latest technologies and highest quality from companies like Pelco and Speco. You won’t find a larger selection anywhere of Pelco Cameras, the Spectra IV IP Series Network Dome System, the IP 110 Series Camclosure Network Camera System, DX4500/DX4600 Series DVRs, Pelco CCTV Camera Lenses, Pelco Camera Enclosures, Pelco Power Supplies, Pelco Video Audio Transmitters and Receivers, Speco Cameras, and West Penn CCTV and CATV/MATV cables. Need to develop a complete security infrastructure? We’ve got you covered there too with Custom Security Cables and a Custom Security Network Worksheet.

IP3701H Series Network Camera *NEW* DX4500 Series 8-channel DVR w/DVDRW, 250GB Storage RG-6/U Type CATV/MATV Coax, 1,000'
List Price: $1,004.00 List Price: $2,852.00 List Price: $180.00
Our Price: $524.18 Our Price: $1,958.52 Our Price: $64.80

Raceway, Innerduct, and Checkers Cable Protection

We’ve got Innerduct, Raceway, PowerBack® Rubber Duct Protectors, Guard Dog® Modular Cable and Hose Protection Systems, FastLane™ Drop Over Protectors, LineBacker® Heavy Duty and General Purpose Modular Cable and Hose Protection Systems, and Cross-Guard Access Ramps and Rails, for protecting your cables from light pedestrian traffic or heavy truck traffic.

Cable/Hose Protector Heavy Duty: 4 Channel Lineal ADA Rail for Linebacker CPADARP-4/5 (Each) 1 1/2" Plenum Corrugated Innerduct with Tape, Pull Box, 350'
List Price: $231.46 List Price: $200.00 List Price: $1,129.59
Our Price: $181.97 Our Price: $179.55 Our Price: $770.18

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Maybe you don’t know that Dave Mulsteff, our owner and president, is always fishing for the best deals. That means we’ve got to make room in our warehouse and we’re offering up some great deals to help clear it out. Check out Dave reeling in the latest and don’t miss out on these specials!

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